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iRobot® Create® 3 Webserver Overview


If this is your first time using the robot's web server, it's important to run through initial setup.

The Create® 3 robot runs a configuration webserver for modifying settings of the robot. This is a separate process from its ROS 21 application; it is running regardless of the status of that application. The webserver can be accessed via the robot's usb0 (Ethernet over USB host), wlan0 (provisioned to an external access point), or wlan1 (robot as its own access point) interfaces. The robot has a fixed IP address of over its usb0 interface, and a fixed IP address of over its wlan1 interface. The robot will get an IP address over DHCP as served by your network on its wlan0 interface. The webserver is available over http (port 80) in a browser by navigating to its IP address on whichever interface is active.


It is not recommended to run the robot's access point while also controlling the robot via ROS 2 or the iRobot Education Bluetooth®2 protocol.

Please use the menu to navigate between sections of the webserver, or else navigate directly to the sections below:

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