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iRobot® Create® 3 Release H.2.3

[Click here to download release H.2.3]


When using Fast-DDS, startup times are about 30s longer than in our Galactic release. We are working on a fix.

This release is running ROS 2 Humble with the following interface library versions:

Release Overview

For ROS 21 users, this is a bugfix release. For iRobot® Education Bluetooth2 users, there are no changes. See below for details.

Changelog (from H.2.2)

Core Robot

  • Webserver
    • Fix to the provisioning flow affecting some users (#395)
    • Factory reset now properly resets ntpd.conf.
    • Factory reset now resets the RMW to Fast DDS (default for Humble).


  • Publications
    • The cliff_intensity topic will no longer report values less than zero.
    • The kidnap_status timestamp is now correct.

  1. ROS 2 is governed by Open Robotics. 

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