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iRobot® Create® 3 Release G.4.1

[Click here to download release G.4.1]

For iRobot® Education Bluetooth1 users, this is mostly a bugfix release. For ROS 22 users, this is mostly a feature release. See below for details.

This release is running ROS 2 Galactic with the following interface library versions:

Release Overview

There have been no changes to the ROS 2 API. Support has been added for the robot to use a Fast-DDS Discovery Server. Some bugs have been found and fixed in the iRobot® Education Bluetooth protocol implementation. The default route should be properly set when the robot is connected to Ethernet-over-USB (but not Wi-Fi).

Changelog (from G.3.1)

Core Robot

  • Webserver

    • Added menu for beta features; hopefully more to come soon.
    • Exposed page for beta feature: serial device forwarding over a socket.
    • Added options for use of Fast-DDS Discovery server to Application Configuration page.
    • More consistent application of the style sheets across the UI.
    • Factory Reset option should now be available over Soft AP mode (bugfix).
    • Fix "easy" update (over the Internet) to be aware of different ROS versions, and to update properly.
  • Connectivity

    • Fixed bug where robot would not always properly set a default route when a device is connected to Ethernet-over-USB but not connected to Wi-Fi. (#184)
  • OS

    • Fixed a bug on boot which could cause the system to hang during an update, sometimes causing the robot not to properly update (often with a mysterious red light).


  • Implement option to use a Fast-DDS discovery server when RMW is set to Fast-DDS.
  • Add parameter to disable odom transformations (#144)
  • IMU update rate is now 100 Hz

iRobot® Education Bluetooth protocol mode

  • Fix incorrect cliff sensor message (#312)
  • Fix incorrect accelerometer message (#309)

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  2. ROS 2 is governed by Open Robotics. 

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