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Connect Create® 3 to Wi-Fi

The Basics

Follow the main guide for getting started here.

Select RMW Implementation

If you are planning to use ROS 21, make sure you have selected the matching RMW (ROS 2 middleware) implementation as the rest of the nodes in your system. This can be found in the Application → Configuration menu in the Create® 3 robot's web server, shown in the below image.

Application Configuration Detail

The default RMW for ROS 2 Galactic is Cyclone DDS. Be sure to click "save" after making any changes, and then restart the application.


As of Create 3 software version G.2.2, there is a memory leak in Cyclone DDS that can cause the robot to reboot after a few hours of use. Please monitor this issue for further information. Fast-DDS does not have this problem.

See ROS 2 Middleware Config for more information about RMW specific choices and configuration requirements.

A detailed rundown of the features of the robot webserver can be found on the Application page.

Using Multiple Robots


If you plan to use multiple Create® 3 robots connected to the same Wi-Fi network, then you must follow the Multi-Robot Setup documentation

  1. ROS 2 is governed by Open Robotics