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iRobot® Create® 3 Release G.2.2

[Click here to download release G.2.2]

This release is running ROS 2 Galactic with the following interface library versions:

Release Overview

As with the last release, this one provides the robot's sensors and controls via topics, actions, and services; for more, see ROS 2 API. iRobot® Education Bluetooth protocol functionality has been greatly improved in this release; we have released the iRobot Education Python Web Playground to interact with the robot. Please be sure your robot's BLE/USB Toggle is in the "BLE" position in order to use the robot in this mode. Note that when the Bluetooth1 radio is enabled, the USB-C2 port cannot communicate with a downstream device (though it remains powered).

Changelog (from G.1.1)

Core Robot

  • Webserver
    • Properly handles Unicode characters with SSIDs, hostnames, and Bluetooth names
    • Reboot Robot and Factory Reset are only available in AP mode
    • Added "Identify Robot" when in AP mode to assist setting up multiple robots at once
    • MAC addresses are visible on About page
  • User Interface
    • E-Stop and Backup Limit have new LED patterns to disambiguate from other uses of the UI
    • Toggling USB/BLE no longer requires manual application reset from webserver
  • Motion Control
    • Improve reporting and recovery after safety limits are triggered


  • Docking / undocking action improvements and fixes
  • Coordinate system fixes
    • base_link is now 3D
    • base_footprint added as a 2D TF frame
    • imu_link has been removed
  • Advertise light ring brightness parameter
  • Added audio publication and action to make speakers play sound

iRobot® Education Bluetooth protocol mode

  • Fully implement protocol v1.4
  • Add sound device
  • Add sound on connection and disconnection
  • Advertising rate increased to 10 Hz
  • Changing robot name when connected is now reflected in advertisement
  • Pressing the power button stops all actuators
  • Connection improvements on iOS and Android
  • Many stability improvements

Known issues

Core Robot

  • Robot may require multiple connection attempts when changing Wi-Fi networks
  • Robot will restart application when its connectivity changes, including connection changes with Wi-Fi or the USB interface, or when it receives a new DHCP lease. This is helpful for autoconfiguration with DDSes but can be disruptive.
  • Robot prefers time sync from Wi-Fi over its USB interface


  • When using CycloneDDS, invoking ROS 23 actions causes a memory leak on the robot. When the robot runs out of memory, it will automatically restart the application. Follow this issue for more information.

iRobot® Education Bluetooth protocol mode

  • Robot does not recognize disconnection for thirty seconds.
  • Changing Bluetooth name in the webserver does not modify advertisement name until application is restarted

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  2. USB-C® is a trademark of USB Implementers Forum. 

  3. ROS 2 is governed by Open Robotics. 

  4. Python 3 is governed by the Python Software Foundation. 

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