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Create® 3 Wall Follow

The Create® 3 robot exposes a ROS 21 action server to invoke a wall-following behavior.

You can command the robot to follow along an obstacle using the following ROS 2 action.

ros2 action send_goal /wall_follow irobot_create_msgs/action/WallFollow "{follow_side: 1, max_runtime: {sec: 1, nanosec: 0}}"

When this behavior is requested, the robot will try to engage with nearby obstacles and, after a successful engagement, it will start following the obstacle along the specified side until the maximum runtime is reached.

The follow_side can be specified as left (1) or right (-1) see the action interface for the implementation.

The robot will use a spiraling motion to try to engage with the obstacles. The spiral will be clockwise if follow_side is left (1) or counter-clockwise if follow_side is right (-1).

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