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iRobot® Create® 3 Webserver - About

The about page includes details about the state at the operating system level.

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IP Address

This is the dotted octet IP address currently used to access this page.


This is the raw version string of the firmware currently loaded on the robot.


This is the SKU that iRobot uses to identify the Create® 3 robot.


This includes both the percentage charge of the robot's smart battery, as well as the current capacity in milliamp-hours.


This section includes iRobot-specific diagnostic information about this robot.


The current date and time on the robot.


The amount of time since this robot's last reboot.


Total RAM and swap space available on the robot.


Output of the ifconfig command, including information for all available Ethernet interfaces. These may include lo, usb0, wlan0, and/or wlan1 depending on the state of the robot. Note that wlan0 and wlan1 are the same physical device, except that wlan0 is used when the robot is a station, and wlan1 is used when it is an access point.


Output of the hciconfig command, including information for all available Bluetooth®1 interfaces. This will be blank when the USB/BLE toggle on the adapter board is set to USB.

Factory Reset

A hyperlink to factory reset the robot will appear when the robot is in access point mode. This will remove all user configuration, but the firmware version will not change.

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