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iRobot® Create® 3 Educational Robot

What is iRobot® Create® 3?

iRobot® Create® 3 is an affordable, mobile robotics platform for educators, students, and developers.

The robot has a full suite of on-board sensors and actuators which will allow you to develop and test your robotics algorithms.

The software is entirely based on ROS 2: all sensors data are produced through ROS 2 publications while ROS 2 servers and subscriptions are used to control actuators and respond to users requests. The robot also provides some autonomous behaviors out of the box, such as docking, wall-follow and reactions to obstacles. All these can be triggered and/or configured through ROS 2 actions and parameters.

Designed for beginner to advanced ROS 2 users, Create® 3 allows for a variety of programming methods. With Wi-fi and Bluetooth capability, Ethernet over USB connections, plus a removable faceplate for attaching payloads, you can start building with your Create® 3 right away.

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