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iRobot® Create® 3 Release G.3.1

[Click here to download release G.3.1]

Note: A G.3.2 patch release is installed on some new robots from the factory. There is no user-facing difference between these two firmware versions; the difference is related to the manufacturing process.

For iRobot® Education Bluetooth1 users, this is mostly a feature release. For ROS 22 users, this is mostly a bugfix release. See below for details.

This release is running ROS 2 Galactic with the following interface library versions:

Release Overview

As with the last release, this one provides the robot's sensors and controls via topics, actions, and services; for more, see ROS 2 API. There have been no changes to the ROS 2 API.

iRobot® Education Bluetooth protocol functionality has been further improved in this release, adding the seventh IR proximity sensor, and some commands related to docking and the docking sensor. We have changed the robot's policy to disable all reflexes while in this mode (instead of just the bump reflex). The robot should also respond more rapidly to disconnection.

Changelog (from G.2.2)

Core Robot

  • Webserver

    • Added ROS namespace form validation (#71)
  • User Interface

    • Reduce log spam from audio synthesizer and BLE advertisements
    • Add more useful logging from mobility board to nav board
  • Motion Control

    • Fix bug relating to robot erroneously hitting backup limit when backup safety is disabled (#175)
    • Bugfixes around e-stop logic
    • New turn angle controller
  • Connectivity

    • Robot will not restart application on DHCP renewals if the address stays the same (#194)
    • Add beta serial port forwarding feature


  • Add system monitor node to report CPU and RAM usage to the log, as well as checking for multiple robots on the same topic.
  • Implement ResetPose Service (#193)
  • Proximity slowdown reflex no longer ignores safety_override setting

iRobot® Education Bluetooth protocol mode

  • Fully implement protocol v1.5
  • Robot disables all reflexes by default upon connection (#173)
  • Fix serial number reporting
  • Fix battery event rate
  • Robot responds more quickly upon disconnection

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  2. ROS 2 is governed by Open Robotics. 

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