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Sensors via ROS 2 Command Line

This page describes how to read the the Create® 3 robot's sensors using the ROS 21 command line tools.


Reading the robot's sensors is as simple as

ros2 topic echo {topic}
where {topic} is the topic of interest. If you're not sure what topics are available, you can type
ros2 topic list --no-daemon --spin-time 10
The --no-daemon and --spin-time arguments are not strictly necessary, but they may help with initial discovery.

A detailed API description for each sensor can be found here.

A non-exhaustive set of examples

These are relatively straighforward, but for fun:

Battery State

ros2 topic echo /battery_state


ros2 topic echo /interface_buttons

Docking State

ros2 topic echo /dock
ros2 topic echo /dock_status

IR Docking Sensor

ros2 topic echo /ir_opcode

IR Proximity Sensors

ros2 topic echo /ir_intensity

Wheel Odometry

ros2 topic echo /odom

Wheel Status (includes PWM and current)

ros2 topic echo /wheel_status

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